Balancing Connecting Rods & Pistons

on a Shoestring Budget!

First borrow a Three Beam Balance from your local

School, that is accurate to 1/10 gram and reads high

enough for the weight of your Pistons and Rods,

make a stand to set it on and to mount fixture

to hold one end of Connecting Rods.

I made pivots from a small ball bearing (R4),

and used a knife edge pivot for Big End

(Double Edge Razor Blades broken in two).

I was able to get accurate readings that I could reproduce

within 1/10th gram with this set up!



Check chart out to see how much weight removal can be

eliminated by matching heavier Pistons to lightest Rod Small Ends!



Flywheel Lightened 3#             Flywheel Resurfaced              8 1/2" Clutch can be used

Crank, Clutch and Flywheel Dynamically Balanced