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Servicing the fire and rescue, roofing, demolition and general construction markets, D'AX Professional Products manufactures carbide roof cutter blades, high speed roof cutting blades, fire rescue blades, demolition blades. 

Unique to D'AX TM Professional Products is our use of carbide abrasive to produce high performance, long lasting cutting tools. Reducing blade costs, down time and machine maintenance are only some of the benefits you get when using D'AX.

All D'AX products have the unique ability to cut through almost any building material (refer to specific application information) and combination of building materials without ever needing tip repair or tip replacement. The carbide impregnated segments allow you to cut through wood, wood with nails, sheet metal, roofing and siding materials, PVC plastics, rubber and more without changing blades.













#DAX 12      12" with 1" arbor (7/8" & 20mm adaptors inc.)

#DAX 14      14" with 1" arbor (7/8" & 20mm adaptors inc.)

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#VRS 12C      12" with 1" arbor (20mm adaptors inc.)

#VRS 14C      14" with 1" arbor (20mm adaptors inc.)

Best Available to Fire Service is our Diamond (not Carbide) Blade below

Fastest CuttingLongest Lasting

Diamond Segments, Diamond down blade to lessen binding!

#VRS 12D      12" with 1" arbor (7/8" & 20mm adaptors inc.)

#VRS 14D      14" with 1" arbor (7/8" & 20mm adaptors inc.)




Developed more than a decade ago, D'AXTM High Speed Carbide Blades were originally engineered in conjunction with the Fire & Rescue Service.
      The Challenge - to design one blade that would replace the combination of both Carbide Tipped Blades for cutting wood and Abrasive Blades for cutting sheet metal.

The Goal - to eliminate the tip breakage and tip repairs required with traditional carbide tipped blades and to eliminate the need to change blades based on the material being cut.

The Result - D'AXTM High Speed Carbide

Blades can cut through a wide variety of building materials including:

  • Wood
  • Wood with Nails
  • Sheet Metal (3/16"max.)
  • Shingles, Wood, Nails
  • All Flat Roofing Materials
  • Lath & Plaster & Drywall
  • Wood & Metal Studding
  • Rubber & Plastics
  • Caulks & Sealants
  • Lexan
  • Earth & Roots
  • Particle & Press Boards

If your application is in question, please e-mail us, or contact us at 1 800 582 VENT (8368).  DAXTM is not intended to cut brick, concrete block, reinforced concrete, natural or synthetic stone, glass, ceramics or any metal thicker than 3/16"

Features and Benefits
  • Replaces carbide tipped blades for cutting wood & composites containing nails, screws, etc.
  • Replaces abrasive blades for cutting sheet metal up to 3/16" thick.
  • Operational in either direction of rotation. Mount the blade on your saw and cut. When cutting becomes slow and the blade has become dull, simply take it off, turn it around and remount it. D'AXTM will again provide rapid cutting.
  • Never needs tip repair or tip replacement!
Sizes Available
For Electric
blades for electric saws
For Cut Off Saws
For Walk Behind Saws
blades for walk behind saws
7" 5/8"-DM arbor hole
8" 5/8"-DM arbor hole
12" .250 1" arbor hole
14" .250 1" arbor hole
16" .250 1" arbor hole
12" .250 1" arbor hole
12" .375 1" arbor hole
14" .250 1" arbor hole
16" .250 1" arbor hole
18" .250 1" arbor hole
  • All Power Cutter blades come with 20mm & 7/8" bushings, or can be ordered with the exact arbor hole sizes upon request.
  • All Walk Behind Saw Blades come complete with a drive pin hole.
D'AXTM offers the ability to use one machine and one blade to enter, ventilate and extricate without time consuming blade & tool changes and costly tip repairs.
D'AXTM is ideal for:
  • Flat Roof Ventilation
  • Residential Roof Ventilation
  • Forcible Entry
  • Aircraft Extrication
  • Automobile Extraction
  • Marine Extrication
 D'AXTM not only saves time and money due to reduced blade changes, but allows a contractor to cut combinations of materials that could not be cut before.
D'AXTM is ideal for:
  • Flat Roofers
  • Road Joint Sealant Removal
  • Residential Roofers
  • Landscapers


  • Demolition Contractors
  • Recyclers
  • General Contractors
  • HVAC Installers






































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