Marchal Fantastic Conversion to H3 Bulbs


Marchal "Fantastic Fog/Cornering Lamp

used from the 1950's through the 1970's

Old Tungsten Bulb is very inefficient, H3 available in 6v, 12v yellow and clear


Pry open the 3 tabs noted, slightly loosen the 2 other tabs.




Cut Positive Contact off with Dremel Tool, (could probably be left on)

Notch Wire End to fit over Positive Screw


Drill 3 Holes (3mm) in Original Bulb Holder, Grind edges of 1/2" Fender Washer

to 1.625" OD, center on front side of Original Bulb Holder and Drill holes to mount

them together. Place H3 bulb on washer with filament horizontal and mark and drill holes.




Mount Bulb to Modified Washer with 3mm screws 12mm long

Grind head for clearance to original Bulb Holder, run 1 Nut to hold

screw to washer, position H3 Bulb to rest on 1st nut

then lock washer and nut to retain Bulb.





Wires attach in normal way


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