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VRS 690 with Limbing Kit Installed (foreground)  VRS 690 12R (background)
Limbing Kit allows Vent Saw to be used for Woodland Fire & Storm Damage Cleanup.

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VRS 667n 12R or VRS 694 12R + Special Accessory Kit

Includes: Aluminum Box, Carry Strap,
20" Limbing Kit, Oil, Extra Carbide Chain &
Spare Air Filter. Call for Special Promotion Pricing


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  Kits for most Chainsaws over 3.5 cu. in.
RLG 012C Custom 12" Roller Guide Conversion Kit
RLG 016C Custom 16" Roller Guide Conversion Kit
RLG 020C Custom 20" Roller Guide Conversion Kit

Each Kit includes (1) Heavy Duty slotted Bar with Replaceable Sprocket Nose,(1) SURE-VENT Heavy Duty .404" pitch Carbide insert Fire Department Type Chain.(1) SURE-VENT exclusive ROLLER GUIDE adjustable depth gauge [Patent # Des 341.309], Special .404" Rim sprocket, (1) Bar Cover [Scabbard] and installation instructions

To order we must know the Make, Model and Serial No. of your Saw. Plus if it has spur or rim type sprocket. Please call us if you have any questions. Because certain model saws have less power some kits will be supplied with smaller pitch chain.

We can supply our "RAZorback" Carbide Saw Chain for most Brands of Fire Department ChainSaws

Carbide Chain Information

Please Call or Email us with information on your Saw.

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