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"RaZorback"TM Carbide Cutting Chain

  • The heaviest chain body used in the fire service for long life
  • Carbide insert is supported all around in a cradle of steel and can be resharpened
  • Double Blade Depth Gauge to guide and protect Carbide Cutter

"Roller Guide"  Depth Gauge

(patent # 341,309)

  • Standard Equipment (no extra cost)
  • Rolls smoothly over rough roof shingles
  • Can be removed in a few seconds (Not several minutes)
  • Weighs only 16 oz.

"694" Power Head

  • 30% More Power than any other Vent Chain Saw (maintains more power in smoky conditions)
  • Weighs no more than lower powered saws with depth gauge installed

Solid Steel Guide Bar

  • Heat Treated High grade steel (No competitor’s bar has longer life)
  • Special Heavy Duty Sprocket Nose that is replaceable and is designed to properly guide the cutters during plunge cut (some saws use a roller that only carries the chain on the tips of the drive links and can allow the cutter to get out of position)
  • Roller Guide slot cut in center line of bar so it can be reversed for twice the wear

Inertia Chain Brake

  • Hand Guard (Positioned for clearance for a gloved hand) is also attached to the inertia chain brake that can stop the chain in less than 5/100ths of a second

West Coast Filter (Optional on VRS 667n)

  • Has over 30% more filtering area than any competitors saw

Large Starter Grip

  • Makes gripping the handle much easier with heavy gloves

Safety Throttle Lock, Simple Choke and Kill Switch

  • Make starting straightforward and easy Special Safety Features
  • Broad Solid Front Hand Guard (Is also Chain Brake Release)
  • Wide Rear Hand Protector
  • Safety Chain Catch
  • Muffler mounted away from operator
  • Safety Throttle Lock  (Throttle cannot be opened unless saw is properly held by operator)
  • Large Starter Grip

Single Unit Electronic Ignition

  • Completely sealed from the elements

Fully Automatic Chain Oiler

  • Gear Driven Pump delivers oil when chain is moving
  • Our low priced Chain Oil lubes chain and cuts down on tar buildup
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New "RaZorback"TM Carbide Insert Fire Department Type Saw Chain is now standard equipment on SURE-VENT Ventilation Chain Saws.

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                            SPECIFICATIONS             Printable Specifications

Engine Type: High performance single cylinder 2 stroke cycle, air cooled with 4 transfer ports 
Bore: "Nikasil" (much harder than chrome) 2 Piston Rings for much longer life
Bore Diameter: 1.9" (48mm)

2.0" (52mm)

Stroke: 1.5" (38mm) 1.66" (42mm)
Displacement: 4.2 cu in (69cc) 5.4 cu.in. (90cc)
Power: 5.3 DIN-hp (3.9kW) 7.3 DIN-hp (5.4kW)
Ignition: Electronic Solid State
Fuel: 1 part SOLO mix oil to 50 parts of Brand Name unleaded gasoline, 87 octane min. (8 oz. oil to 2 gallons gasoline) DO NOT USE ANY ALCOHOL BLEND FUELS
Fuel Tank Capacity: 28.3 oz (0.85 l) 33.9 oz (1.00  l)
Chain Oiling: Automatic fully adjustable
Chain Oil: Special detergent bar & Chain oil to help dissolve roof tar etc.
Oil Tank Capacity: 12.9 oz (0.39 l) 13.0 oz (0.4  l)
Chain: Special Carbide Insert designed for Fire Department & Rescue use
Size: Heavy Duty .404" pitch Heavy Duty .404" pitch
Guide Bar: Specially heat treated solid (not laminated) with Replaceable sprocket nose equipped with Adjustable and Removable "ROLLER GUIDETM"depth gauge (Patented) 12", 16", and 20" bar lengths available
Chain Speed:        4480 fpm (74.6 fps) at 9500 rpm      5120 fpm (85.3 fps) at 9500 rpm
      5894 fpm (98.2 fps) at 12500 rpm     7290 fpm (121.5 fps) at 13500 rpm
Unit Dry Weight: With 12" bar & chain including Roller Guide 17.8 # 20.6 #
Power Head only weight: 13.8 # 16.6 #

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