Photos of Our Trip to

2009 VCOA Show

(more to come)


The Drive out


Alan Auto, Portland, ME - 1957 P1900



Registration 7/17/09 (above)       Show 7/18/09 (below)


The PV row!


Russ Doucett 1961 544B Sport (B16B)


Eldon Hammond, Pana, IL 1960 544A Sport (B16B) (Longest Distance)


Jeff Oberg  1961 Duett 210 (B16B) "Bessie"


1965-   210 Duett (B18A)


Holly Stump  1964 210 Duett (B18A)


Kathie St. Martin 1965 544F (B18D) "Britta"


Joe Lazenby  1965 210 Duett (B18A)


1964 544E (B18D)





"Victoria" 1959-1961 Duett 210


1957 445 (With B18)










The Drive!






The Fire House Museum

At the Beach


Home again (3036 total miles) the old PV never let us down!

But we did have misfortune on 9/4/09

It will be back on road soon!

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